Education Planning

  • Establish and project education planning goals for family members.
  • Determine the best type of education plan for personal circumstances.
  • Identify current and future costs of education.

Makes Sense 401k

  • Employer fiduciary liability for 401k's has spiraled upward in recent years. A recent HR industry publication said, "No company - from the smallest mom-and-pop shop, to the largest private employer in the world - is too small or too big to be sued for breaching its fiduciary liability."   -
  • That's why the Makes Sense 401k makes so much sense - its dual emphasis on dramatic liability reduction and dramatic cost reduction, benefits all parties involved and helps keep you, the employer, out of the courtroom and in your showroom, factory, construction site or office!   CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Investment Portfolio Management

  • Development of investment strategy designed to create, preserve and grow wealth in volatile and trending market conditions.
  • Provide an investment portfolio "Stress Test" to determine how your portfolio handles market downturns.
  • Ongoing implementation of an active allocation strategy for proper market exposure and trends
  • Aggregation of all your accounts to simplify and reduce paperwork.
  • Plan best tax strategy (401k, IRA, Roth, NQ, etc....) to accumulate money in retirement plans.

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Family Protection and Risk Management

Focuses on providing a safety net for unexpected events that can cause serious financial loss to your family

  • Financial Emergencies
  • Pay medical bills in the event of illness
  • Income replacement lost due to disability
  • Maintain a standard of living after the death of a spouse or other loved one.
  • Life insurance, Disability Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance

403(b) and 457 Deferred Compensation

  • We help employees that have access to 403(b) and 457 plans understand their options.
  • With access to multiple financial companies that offer these plans, we can help employers set up new plans and add new vendors to current plans. 
  • Great American, FTJ Fundchoice, Aspire, Midland National are some of our key partners offering 403(b) and 457 plans.
  • We can provide an analysis of your account to determine the level of investment risk in your current portfolio.
  • FTJ Fundchoice 403b overview   457 overview

Family Legacy & Estate Planning

  • Involves identifying beneficiaries and what they are to receive both during the client's life and upon his/her death
  • Provide knowledge about available estate planning techniques and tools. 
  • Development of custom estate plan to transfer wealth while minimizing unnecessary tax liabilities and avoiding probate
  • Help determining how property will be transferred at death by means of a will, interstate, contract or trust.
  • Strategies to potentially AVOID the Medicaid spend down during an extended nursing home stay.

Our Services

Charitable Giving

  • Help identify charitable giving opportunities that fit within your value structure and that help minimize tax liability
  • Develop a charitable giving plan to be incorporated into cash flow and expense budgets

Tax Reduction Planning

  • Involves helping find potential tax savings through reducing or shifting current or future income tax liabilities
  • Evaluating business structure to optimize the benefits of the Internal Revenue code
  • Deferring income and/or accelerating expenses at year-end
  • Strategies to realize losses or gains through a wide range of allowable actions

Retirement Lifestyle & Income Planning

  • Determine the amount needed/desired upon retirement, then implement recommendations to fund your income needs and help maintain a comfortable standard of living.
  • Develop a strategy to prevent you from outliving your retirement income
  • Determine the best methods and timing for withdrawing retirement income